Where Can I Contact You Regarding Fathers’ Rights?

I just read my current Scam Busters and appreciate your information. However, your site does not have an ‘s’ at the end of its “http”, it is an “http” site not an “https” site – is this OK????

I did notice that you are in support of fathers who are having trouble in divorce. How does a person contact you via email for this type of question?

Thank you for sharing your hints. I am a 76 year old person with a Webtv and not a computer, and I have protection through my carrier but somehow the illegal emails get through once in a while posing as mortgage people. Can’t seem to get rid of them – I now just delete. I did send their messages to the trouble shooters for my carrier.

But back to my main question because I have a relative (male) who is being treated terribly.

Thank you.


Dear LW,

I agree, those mortgage spammers are a pain, aren’t they?

It is fine to access any website, including mine, which is an “http” site rather than an “https” site, so long as you are not sending confidential information to that website. The “s” at the end of the “http” indicates that you have a secure connection, which in this context means secured for sending confidental data such as credit card information.

I appreciate your asking about contacting me for your family member who is in need of fathers’ rights assistance, however I no longer represent individual clients as my teaching and business schedule to not permit it. But I do still have a hand in the fathers’ rights site at DadsRights.org website, and my ebook, The Single Father’s Guide to Surviving Divorce and Custody Issues is available there.