Where Can We Find Support for Attachment Parenting?

Attachement parenting is a very intense and thankless effort. Are there support groups for moms who are doing this? My wife is at her wits end, and would appreciate being in the company of like-minded mothers. We live in Edina, MN.


An Attachment Parenting Dad

Dear AP Dad,

First, congratulations for doing what I sincerely believe is the best you possibly can for your child by practicing attachment parenting! It may feel thankless now – although the same can be said of any form of parenting at times! – but as your child gets older you will start really seeing the benefits, particularly as compared to their non-AP parented peers!

Although it has not been updated in a while, my own attachment parenting site, IntuitiveParenting.org has a great deal of useful and timeless information.

I don’t know how far you are from the Twin Cities, but there is a Twin Cities chapter of Attachment Parenting International (API), and if you are not close to the Twin Cities, they should be able to steer you to some local resources.

Finally, take a moment to check out my good friend Dave Taylor’s AP parenting blog written by an AP parenting father.