How Does One Contact You Directly About Fathers’ Rights?

I just read my current Scam Busters and appreciate your information. However, your site does not have an ‘s’ – “http” not “https”. Is this OK????

I did notice that you are in support of fathers having trouble in divorce. How does a person contact you via email for this type question?

Thank you for sharing your hints. I am a 76 year old person with a WebTV and not a computer and I have protection through my carrier but somehow the illegals get through once in a while posing as mortgage people. Can’t seem to get rid of them – I now just delete. Did send their messages to the trouble shooters for my carrier. But back to my main question because I have a relative (male) who is being treated terrible.

Thank you.


Dear LW,

Thank you for your kind words!

Yes, it is fine to visit a site with no ‘s’ – that is which has an http connection rather than an https connection – provided that you will not be sending any information which should be kept confidential. If you are sending confidential information through the web page, such as a password or account number, than you want the site to be an https (secure) site.

Unfortunately I am no longer providing direct representation in court for fathers, however you can find a lot of information at