What is Your Opinion of IncrediMail?

I own a computer sales and repair store, and do all the work myself. I get customers in every once in a while that have Incredimail on their computers. Usually that is the reason it’s in the shop – the mail service is not working anymore.

What is your opinion of Incredimail? This is a question strictly for my own curiousity and the answer will not be posted anywhere in my store.

Thanks, Janice

Dear Janice,

Unfortunately (or not) I don’t have a personal familiarity with IncrediMail. However a search of Usenet turns up a lot of people who do have experience with IncrediMail, and many complaints.

That said, there are a lot of complaints about Outlook Express too, so I can’t really say from just this information whether IncrediMail is any more of a problem program than any other popular program out there.

Prior to moving to a Mac, my very favourite email program to use on a Windows machine was Pegasus Mail by David Harris, which is hands down the best email program I have ever used.

By the way, it’s a treat to see a woman computer shop owner, and also you are to be commended for submitting one of the only questions I received this week which was properly spelled, punctuated and formatted!